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Still looking north from the lighthouse gallery, this left photo shows the dock, 4WD staging area, and the boardwalk coming south to the Keeper's Quarters. At the upper right is a beautiful wide-angle view of the same area looking north at Core Banks. Looking northwest you see the east end of Harker's Island, shown in the telephoto shot at right.
From the pier, the boardwalk leads to the Keeper's Quarters (left). Also note at the top left of the Keeper's Quarters photo that the concrete base sits exposed where the coal shed stood before Hurricane Isabel toppled it. The shadow of the lighthouse gallery and lantern room nibbles at the porch in the bottom of the photo. At the right you see the steps at the base of the lighthouse with visitors waiting their turn to climb. The lighthouse shadow runs directly up the sidewalk to the house.

Looking more than 150 feet down at the lighthouse base, you see visitors anxiously waiting in the shadow of the lighthouse for their turn to climb (left photo). Visitors looking back up at you would see the black diamond side of the lighthouse (right photo) and be reminded how sad the tower looks without a fresh coat of paint. The thin "scratch" running up the left side of the tower is where the old lightning rod grounding cable came loose and marked up the tower where it swung in the wind. When the cable was replaced it was installed on the other side of the tower.

From the gallery, the midday sun off the ocean was blinding when looking southward, trying to view the point at Cape Lookout. A telephoto shot helped keep the glare out of the picture so the fishermen's' trucks and campers could be seen at the point.

Gazing south to east from the gallery you will see a fantastic view, depicted in the panoramic photo above. Looking across the "bight", which hooks northward from the point, you can see beyond Morehead City and Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle. (South is the left side of the photo, and east is the right side.) Panning around to the east northeast, beyond Shackleford Banks, you can see Beaufort and Harker's Island. Like the other large panoramic photos on these pages, the panoramic enlargement accessed from the link above is only a fraction (16%) of the original size, and simply does not show the detail or do justice to the original.

Near the narrow strip of land called the "bight" are several houses, now owned by the Park Service, but in years gone by they were summer homes for a few adventurous souls. Several telephoto shots (below) show some of these buildings and other visitor activity along the bight. Click each one for a larger view.
Left, upper left, and above: Cape Lookout is a popular fishing spot, and anglers take advantage of the few available houses on the cape.
Upper and lower right:
The "bight" is frequented by boaters, shell hunters and the adventurous.

The southern tip of Cape Lookout at the "point" is a popular fishing spot. Standing on that isolated stretch of sand nearly surrounded by ocean, with great waves crashing in front of you and spray leaping 15 to 20 feet into the air, must be a special experience.

Getting to the "point" is a long walk for the casual visitor. Luckily there are 4WD "tours" that will take you around the area along the sand roads that access much of the island. The ride is rough on wooden benches, even with a plastic cushion.

But you don't have to go all the way out to the "point" for good fishing. Several anglers were having a good day trying their luck in the surf near the end of the boardwalk. Even if the fishing had not been good, just the scenery would have been worth the time spent.

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Beautiful Photos of
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